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About me

Martha Resatz, BSc.

Registered Dietitian since 2012

Sports dietian


Mom since 2018


My personal journey with Macros

In 2018 I gave birth to my son. I was physically and mentally in the worst shape of my life, felt weak and overwhelmed. I started a postpartum program and this was the starting point of creating a habit of consistently working out from home - because I noticed how much better it made me FEEL. 

I didn't force anything and tried to eat balanced. But soon I hit a plateau and felt something was off with my nutrition. I calculated my calories and macros and started tracking my food intake to see where I was at. It turned out I was eating way too little protein and too many calories - which is the ONLY reason you're not losing fat. 

I did not cut out any foods, I learned how to fuel my body with the right amount of calories and macronutrients and kept losing body fat - slowly, but I kept it off for good. 

I eventually stopped tracking every single bite. Tracking led to intuitive eating - which should be your ultimate goal! 

My progress took time. Patience definitely is the hardest part. But it's so worth it. I truly doubt it would feel as good if it was easier to achieve. 

Tracking your macros and calories may sound complicated to you and this is exactly why I decided to add "Macrocoaching" to my profile - to help YOU master it! 

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